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Citofonte Monel

Nickel-Copper type

Deposit metal similar to cast iron
AWS: SFA-5.15 : Ε Ni Cu - Β
DIN: 8573 : Ε Ni Cu BG 2
EN: -
ISO: -

Electrode provides Weld metal with 70% Ni and 30% Cu content about, suitable for the repair of broken or worn cast iron parts. Also suitable for filling blowholes of castings. Stable arc providing clean bead appearance. Electrode provides crack resistant bead without pore formation. Weld induced stresses can reduced by hammer peening. Machinable deposit.

Materials of application
Cast iron. Joining of grey cast iron to steel.

Weld metal analysis (%) (typical values)
Ni Cu Fe
68 28 <2.5

Mechanical properties of all-weld metal
Tensile strength (N/mm2) Hardness (HB)
300 160

Welding current (type & amperage): A.C. and D.C. pole (+)
Φ 2.5/275 Φ 3/300 Φ 4.0/350
50-80 80-110 110-150

Welding Positions: Horizontal, vertical-up, overhead.

My welding machine shuts down every few minutes during operation. Is there something wrong with it?
Depending on their specification, welding machines may operate continuously for a few minutes for a given amperage output. After that, due to overheating of their components, they automatically shut down in order to protect them from permanent damage.

What is Duty Cycle?
Duty cycle, usually denoted as a percentage, is the amount of time in a ten-minute period that a welding machine may operate continuously before it shuts down. For example, a machine with a 60% duty cycle at 400 amps may be operated continuously for 6 minutes at 400 amps, before it automatically shuts down to protect its components from overheating damage. After a cooling down period, the machine is ready to operate again.
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